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For a LIMITED TIME while the US Dollar is strong get $ 100 off the Dual Core
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Home Theatre Shack 2015 Best Sound At Show Award
Capital Audio Fest in Washington D.C.

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Must Have Gear: DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0


...The Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core unit applies an audibly effective correction algorithm to two channel systems .... the results are absolutely phenomenal.

.....there was no question about the Anti-Mode's impact on the sound stage. "Its operation literally made imaging bloom to life with a sharpened intensity and depth"

..... I left a believer and can confirm that the Anti-Mode should be a serious contender for enthusiasts looking for a two-channel Room Correction option.

ADDITIONAL SYSTEM INFO FROM SIMPLIFI AUDIO - At the Recent CAF Show in Washington D.C. we used a SIMPLE IN-EXPENSIVE system comprising a $ 100 Universal Player and a standard Toslink Cable to drive the $ 999 Dual Core. Speakers were the FULLY ACTIVE Mastering Grade Klangwerk Ella speakers from Switzerland $ 14,990 / pr.


8033 Cinema




Dual Core Front


Dual Core Rear


Dual Core Remote

Gradient Helsinki 1.5 speaker

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Award Winning Sound Solutions for your Home

DSPeaker Dual Core

"Sonic Wonder and Wild Bargain"
- Dr. Robert E. Greene
The Absolute Sound - Feb. 2013

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Stereophile Logo
'Class A' Recommended Component - 3 years running 2013,14,15
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"The DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 may be a small and unprepossessing black box, but its PERFORMANCE and POWER are HUGE," summed up KR. (Vol.35 No.11 Read Review Online)


For a LIMITED TIME while the US Dollar is strong get $ 100 off the Dual Core
and $ 50 off the 8033 sub-woofer Correction products. (Minimum MAP Prices)

Includes 2-3 day USPS Priority Coast to Coast shipping and
a 20 Day Home Trial with 90% Money Back GUARANTEE!

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3 ways to maximize performance Dual Core 12VDC ULN PSU

Get the $500 Ultra Linear PSU
with your Dual Core Purchase for $1,499
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the same 20 Day Home Trial
with 90% Money Back Guarantee!

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  1. Ultra Low Noise 12 V DC ANALOG PSU $ 500 RRP - Gives
    an Improvement to EVERY USER. (Click for more details)
  2. Ultra Transparant DNM RCA Interconnects with HFTNS - Improves Analog Input / Output Transparency. (Click for more details)
  3. USB over Ethernet Transceiver - THE best USB Cable is NO USB Cable !! (Click for more details)

DSPeaker Dual Core

Many Thanks to our Dual Core back-ordered Customers..

As of Sept. 6th. 2013 our back-orders list will be completely cleared and by the end of September we expect all our US Dual Core Dealers to have stock.

New Dual Core Orders are now GUARANTEED to ship within
7 Days of order.

Tim G. Ryan
Bsc. Electronic Systems.

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$ 12,262
$ 14,990

Introductory Bundle Price of
$ 25,000
with 20 DAY Home Trial
Call Tim @ (858) 414-3900

"Finely Functional Finish Fidelity: Gradient 5.0 Speakers"

- Apartment Therapy Review (Read Full Review)

Gradient 5.0


Try the new Gradient 5.0 on our NEW Home Trial Audio program at the special Introductory price of $1,795
SAVE $200 OFF the $1,995 Retail Price

Includes a 20 Day Home Trial
with 90% Money Back!

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Newport Home Entertainment Show
June 2012 - DSPeaker Dual Core Audio Processor gets best at T.H.E. SHOW

Stereophile"DSPeaker Does it ALL for $ 1099"

- John Atkinson Editor -
Read the article - Click Here

DSPeaker USB Dual CorePaul Seydor's Top 4
- Cost no object and Greatest bargain !!

"Quite the best .....the most accurate Bass reproduction I've heard anywhere"
Read the article - Click Here

Greatest bargain at Newport (single product)

-Paul Seydor.

DSPeaker Anti Mode ($1.1k)—a fully automatic room correction device (also DAC) that works spectacularly and at almost a chump change price.
Read the article - Click Here

April 2012

BEST sound at SHOW at the NEW York Show for Gradient Revolution driven by the $ 695 Bladelius USB DAC !!

Stereophile"Gradient Conquers Room Acoustics"
- John Atkinson Editor
Read the article - Click Here

Home TheatreVoted #1 Best Sounding Room"

"This was the most realistic and musical sound at the 2012 New York Audio Show"
- Jeremy R. Kipnis, Senior Staff Writer
Read the article - Click Here

SimpliFi Audio at the New York Show

Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show

06 Oct. 2011

NEW Gradient Revolution Active

- Awarded BEST SOUND and VALUE at the TAVES show in Toronto.

Gradient & Klangwerk Speaker Systems
Click to enlarge

including Active cross-over and four channel amplifer (180 W RMS x 4)

- $ 9,995

- for full details and specs. Click Here

Read the full report in French here: Click Here
English Translation (excerpts): Click Here




California Audio Show 2011

07 August 2011

Gradient Revolution Active - Awarded BEST SOUND at SHOW at the recent Bay Area CAS show by EnjoytheMusic.com
- a report by Clarke Robinson

"My favorite sound that I heard all weekend.... The bass in this room was perfect... impactful, but not boomy, and fast.....and there were no room treatments used.

There is a section in "The Real Blues" where Ray Brown plays a fast run down to the low E, slapping the strings all the way. This tight combination of high frequency and low frequency information is a mess unless the bass is lightning quick, and I didn't hear it played better on any system at the show.

You hear the exclamation, "the speakers disappeared" all the time, but when it really happens, it is breathtaking... and my breath was taken by the Revolutions. They projected a sonic hologram... when I closed my eyes I felt I was no longer in a hotel room at all.

When it needed to, it placed a solo performer right there in the room with us. For larger-scale recordings, sound seemed to come from well beyond the physical walls.

After hours on Sunday I got a brief demo of the Helsinki 1.5s ($6,495 per pair), the Revolution's stylish younger brother, and he was right... with only 2 bass drivers the Helsinki's filled the room just fine.."

Read the full coverage here: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/cas_2011/page4.htm

SYSTEM SUMMARY BY SIMPLIFI AUDIO ( Total System cost under $ 26,000 )

  • Source was a Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center ($6000), a preamp / DAC / CD / network audio player
  • Cables were the in-expensive DNM Solid Core interconnect and speaker cables ($ 12/ ft pair)
  • Power Amplifier was a four channel FOSGATE ($ 500)
    - Speakers were the Gradient Revolution Active System with SW-D towers ($ 11,995 + 6,995)
  • This under $ 26k system ultimately won OVERALL BEST SOUND at SHOW over the mighty fine 10 times the price $ 263,000 MBL system.

Gradient Revolution Speakers

18 July 2011

StereophileGRADIENT REVOLUTION ACTIVE SYSTEM impresses and surprises
- reviewer Stephen Mejias

Stereophiles Stephen Mejias finished his CAS show coverage at SIMPLIFI Audio's Gradient Revolution Active room stating 'This was one of my favorite listening experiences of the California Audio Show.'

'While many exhibitors at the California Audio Show struggled with the sound of their rooms, employing careful, creative speaker placement and a variety of room acoustics treatments, SimpliFi Audio’s Tim Ryan seemed happy to ignore the room altogether..... I was surprised to see that Ryan had used NO room treatments whatsoever.'

Click here to read the full article.

28 June 2011

The Classic Revolution Active system with the ADD-ON FULL RANGE SW-D Dipole bass towers was introduced to Canada April 2011 and to the US June 2011 at THE SHOW at NEWPORT California June 3-5th. Click Here to read all the details.

Gradient Revolution Active Speakers

Gradient REVOLUTION ACTIVE SYSTEM with HE Crossover ($ 11,995)
PLUS Pair of SW-D Dipole Bass Modules ($ 6,995)
TOTAL of six 12 inch bass drivers per side (20Hz - 20 Khz +/- 2 db)
[Customer supplies 4 channels of amplification]

You can read details of the NEW SIMPLIFI AUDIO / DSPeaker SMARTBASS system used to control the SW-D Dipole towers - Click Here (PDF - 1.12 Mb)

Newport Home Entertainment Show
NEWS from 'T.H.E. SHOW' at NEWPORT - June 3-5, 2011

- coverage by Dr. Robert E. Greene

I carried around an excellent recording I know well (Eargle's recording of Dvorak's New World), which I have listened to on quite a few carefully corrected systems.

The Gradient Revolution Active plus [ the SW-D ] towers is an idea that really works.... Excellent truth to tonal character, solid precise bass, correct sense of space, good all around.......

Sounded a lot like an orchestra, to the extent that can be done in a small room.... they were in the very top echelon....

Gradient Revolution Active with SW-D Dipole Bass towers impress TAS reviewer Paul Seydor

Tim Ryan’s SimpliFiAudio room, featuring the Gradient Revolutions Active system, with the Gradient [SW-D] subwoofers presented the most accurate replication of a full orchestra with respect to timbral accuracy and tonal weight, and it was certainly no sluggard in the dynamics department.....

I am delighted my colleague Robert Greene will be reviewing this new Gradient setup - not least because I'll get to hear it in a domestic setting - as it is one of the best I've ever heard.

TAS reviewer ALAN TAFFEL was also drawn in by the Gradient Revolution

Gradient craftily left their room door open, and I found myself incapable of walking past without being drawn in by the wonderful sound. These speakers, at $8000 for the passive version and $12,000 in active form, are clearly worth further evaluation.

coverage by : Michael Lavorgna

San Diego based [Distributor] SIMPLIFI Audio was showing the Gradient Revolution Active loudspeaker ($11,995/pair) with the Gradient Revolution SW-D dipole woofer modules ($6995/pair)....[and were using] a "$500 Fosgate amplifier" with DNM $12/ft speaker wire to show that you don't need to be spendy to get flat response to 20Hz. .

Also in use was a pair of the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033G ($595/each one per sub-woofer) a digital room-correction device [which SIMPLIFI market under the name SMARTBASS]..... "the cure for boomy bass."..... From what I heard, it works.

SSI Montreal03 April 2011
- Salon Son & Image Montreal, Canada

GRADIENT Revolution Active voted
'BEST sound and VALUE '

Using SIMPLIFI Audios SMARTBASS (two custom DSPeaker Anti-modes controlling the Dipole Bass of the Revolution Active system below 200 Hz) the $ 8,000 speaker system was voted by a panel of 6 reviewers from Magazine Audio as the best BEST SOUND and VALUE system at the show.

Designer Jorma Salmi commenting on the award had this to say 'Not bad at all for an 18 years old design and $350 amplifier' !! Read the full report (in French) here : http://www.magazine-audio.com/2011/ssi-2011-part-2

Best Value   Best Sound & Value   Designer Jorma Salmi


DSPeaker 300FS floor-standing speakers


In SIMPLIFI Audio's adjacent room, DSPeaker won 'BEST VALUE' at show for the $ 3900 per pair fully active 300FS Floorstanding speakers. These HI-TECH Speakers feature two of DSPeakers proprietary technologies, LASER SERVO control on the bass and their award winning Anti-mode 8033C subwoofer correction.... The net result is flat in-room bass down to 32 Hz.

Reviewer Adam La Barges
visits the SimpliFi Audio Store in San Diego

08 March 2011


PSI Audio A-14s compact monitor speaker

Steve Stone of The Absolute Sound


"To find a conventional speaker/amplifier combination that is comparable in sonic quality [to the $ 2390 / pr. A14Ms] I had to move up to the Joseph Audio Pulsars ($7000/pr.) driven by the Bel Canto M1000 II amplifiers ($5000/pr.)…. [a $ 12,000 conventional speaker / amp combo] !!!"
- Steve Stone

Definite Audio / ACOURATE room and speaker correction systems featuring demos of the the Audiovolver II - CLICK HERE for more details.

DSPeaker announce the NEW Anti-mode 8033S for stereo systems at RMAF.
CLICK HERE to see the full press release

Golden Ear Awards 201018 October 2010

The Award winning DSPeaker Anti-mode 8033 is ranked ' ONE OF THE TOP 30 BARGAINS IN HI-END AUDIO ' (TAS 2011 Buyers Guide page 200).

Purchase the award winning anti-mode 8033c for just $350 including shipping on our Paypal store - Click Here

PSI A25 Speaker18 May 2010

PSI AudioSimplifi Audio awarded North American distribution of the renowned Swiss PSIaudio ( aka Studer ) Mastering grade powered monitors. These Swiss Precision speakers used throughout the ORF in Austria feature built-in phase correction and will pass a square wave !!! Unbeleivable PERFORMANCE / VALUE from $ 1,195 for the A14 deskmount to $ 4,995 each for the flagship A25
Click Here for our on-line store

Golden Ear Awards 201029 APRIL 2010

DSPeaker Anti-mode 8033 awarded the 2010 Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award by Robert E. Greene. Purchase the award winning anti-mode for just $350 including shipping on our Paypal store - Click Here

Simplifi Audio Room at SSI Montreal30 MARCH 2010 - SSI MONTREAL

MONTREAL MAGAZINE-AUDIO Awards Full range Gradient System
'Best Sound at Show'
Read the full room coverage - Click Here


Full range Gradient Helsinki System Impresses Art Dudley of Stereophile

Read Stereophiles coverage of the Heslinki with the Swiss PSI Audio Audio woofers - Click Here

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