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Amarra Computer Music Player

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AMARRA Integrates with iTunes™


The Amarra Computer Music Player is the audiophile quality solution for high resolution playback. Amarra works alongside iTunes ensuring the best sound possible from your music. Supports sample rates up to 192 kHz and includes equalization, digital volume control, and automatic sample rate support for your audio interface. Amarra works with most USB and FireWire Audio Interfaces and has been qualifed with the following audio interfaces.

As computers play an increasingly central role in our home music environment high quality digital reproduction has been elusive, until now. Amarra's superior sound quality can improve the sound of your digital music playback system.

AMARRA Features Include:

  • Optimized playback for a sound that rivals CDs and Vinyl
  • Supports all PCM formats (Apple Lossless coming soon)
  • Automatic hardware sample rate adjustment
  • High resolution Sonic EQ for room adjustment
  • Adjustable digital volume with automated dither processing
  • Volume control using Apple Remote or iTouch

Amarra is the audiophile solution designed to provide the best music reproduction achievable from a computer based system.

Amarra represents a true integration of audio production and audio playback. Coupled with the convenience of iTunes, the world's most popular music delivery system, Amarra provides a seamless integration of multiple sample rate and format music formats.

Amarra Software Features:

  • Automatic Hardware Sample Rate Management
  • Advanced dither and digital volume (as set thru iTunes)
  • Plays all high resolution PCM formats up to 192kHz
  • Uses iTunes for compressed and rights managed music
  • Integration with Apple Remote and iTouch
  • Support for Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger versions of OS X

Upcoming release 1.1 to include:

  • Apple Lossless playback
  • High quality Sample Rate Conversion (non-real time)
  • Free upgrade for Amarra Vinyl (when released)


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