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Gradient Helsinki 1.5 speaker

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Less is More


We have searched the world to bring you only the best in a range of HiFi components, producing unbeatable sound reproduction, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors! Back in 1976, while studying for my Electronics Systems degree, I had the good fortune to work for Rupert Neve, the now legendary mixing desk designer from the UK.... Listening to reel to reel masters thru the wonderful NEVE mastering desks and BBC Monitors led to a life long search for Original Master Sound quality in my home systems.

After several years exploration of some of the finest equipment in the world including Solid State, SETs and OTLs..... it emerged that it was the ULTRA neutral simple systems approach systems which yielded the most believably real facimile of the live Acoustic event.

All of the products carried by Simplifi Audio adhere to the following priorities:

  • Minimalist 'LESS IS MORE' Systems
  • A complete ULTRA LINEAR systems approach from source to speaker to room.
  • PREVENTION is Better than Cure
  • Our reference is the live ACCOUSTIC event.

SSI Montreal 2010

Meet us in Montreal this weekend (25-28 March) at SSI Montreal (Salon Son & Image at the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel).

Tim G. Ryan
SimpliFi Audio

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